Presenting material to an audience is a key skill that you will use throughout your career. Engineering communication skills are essential for presenting concepts and designs, and critical to the engineering design process. .

Course Duration : 0 Hrs

The innovative and revolutionary ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings.  Due to the vast development in the tool & its integration of various modules, it is a widely accepted tool all over the world. .

Course Duration : 60 Hrs

MATLAB, short for MATrix LABoratory is a programming package specifically designed for quick and easy scientific calculations and I/O. It is also a programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models. .

Course Duration : 50 Hrs

Ansys Workbench Course in Hyderabad Chennai, Kerala, and Bangalore with Certification According to the need of today's businesses operate is highly competitive where every company strives to innovate faster while reducing their product development and maintenance costs. Ansys Workbench is the only software that provides various types of simulations required for any kind of product development.   .

Course Duration : 70 Hrs

Online Ansys Course in Hyderabad Chennai, Kerala, and Bangalore with Certification Ansys Fluent gives you more time to innovate and optimize product performance. Trust your simulation results with software that has been extensively validated across a wide range of applications. With Ansys Fluent, you can create advanced physics models and analyze a variety of fluids phenomena.   .

Course Duration : 70 Hrs

ANSYS MAPDL (Classic) is the leading software solution that uses finite element analysis (FEA) for various analyses/simulations using the ANSYS Mechanical interface. It covers an enormous range of applications in the field of mechanical, aerospace, bio-medical, automotive, structural, and much more in 3 phases i.e., pre-processing, solution & post-processing.  .

Course Duration : 70 Hrs