Founder Details

Sunitha Namburu


Learning is a deep curve for growing and provides opportunities to reach your dream job.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door with our industry experts.

Our founder Sunitha Namburu has 15+ years of industry experience from the top MNC companies and versatile teaching experience. She has complete knowledge of CAE and CFD along with technical know-how of engineering mechanics and much more.

  • She has a patent on “Structural Analysis Model Review System (ANSYS) “

  • Her achievements extended to – Six Sigma Green Belt

  • She has 10+ national and international paper publications and conferences.

  • She was awarded numerous times for the automation process on cost reduction process.

Her experience ranges from simulation of simple to complex such as implicit, non-linear, fatigue, rigid dynamics, fracture, failure, explicit, thermal, fluent along with the design on multiple software tools for various industrial components.

Finally, her goal is to build high-performance organizations that make a difference in people’s thinking by utilizing the gained knowledge to share with the young engineers for their career growth development and to achieve greater heights.

Kavitha Devabhaktuni


Our co-founder Kavitha Devabhaktuni was an alumnus of the top-ranked engineer college from India, NIT Surathkal in the field of Structural Analysis of Building.

Her 12+ experience in various environments starting from MNC to start-ups such as ATKINS, Shradha Design Tech Pvt Ltd, Total Environment building systems, in which she played a crucial role in the development of the company.  She worked on various building structures which include irregularities & much more complexities for both residential & commercial buildings.

She is specialized in the field of design & analysis for high rise structures by using ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, PROKON, REVIT & AUTOCAD along with the theoretical knowledge

Her main goal is - to bring alertness and guide aspiring to the field structural engineers about need & respect to the design-build for a better society. Also, to share gained experience and best practices for the upcoming designers for their career growth. Open to accept consultancy works/guidance.